Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts on scientists' 'death' of evidence funeral

CBC readers react to scientists' 'death' of evidence funeral: The Conservatives strike again! (And just for the record, I am not anti-conservative but I am anti-Harper at this time.) They are introducing the budget cuts into research area. I am not against cuts if they are well justified. However, cutting money supply to the research area can hardly be ever justified. As I read this morning some of the comments from the public for this move, I was completely horrified. Although the majority is against these cuts, there are some people that think research should not be left unaffected by the cuts because other areas have suffered. So if I suffer, everyone else should suffer too, then we can all be one big miserable family :) . Oh come on! It is clear that some areas are important than others....and some areas should be untouchable. Now, I want to talk about the claim some people made that the researchers should seek funding from private sectors.

The government should not be cutting funding to research, because this area is ESSENTIAL to progress of any healthy nation. If we do not go forwards... that's right, we roll backwards. If the researchers start seeking funding from the private sector to fund their projects, then the research only beneficial  the people without great financial benefit will be negatively affected. Every potential private company needs to make sure that the findings are financially beneficial to their company. It is quite unlikely that these companies will promote research that shows the negative affects of the greenhouse gases on the environment. Especially, when the solution to that problem is for the companies to buy more expensive machinery that is environmentally friendly. Let's face it, anything that is environmentally friendly is more expensive for the companies to acquire. What about cancer research? What company will actually fund that? Any pharmaceutical company knows that it will make more money on putting costly bandage solutions to deal with the problem, rather than dealing with the direct cause. We need the research area to be financially backed up by a source that is working for the good of people, not for the good of the profit.  The invisible hand of the market is not going to take care of the research that does not produce big bucks. It is that simple!

As the world seems to be going slowly to hell, we need the innovative research to move us away from the path of destruction and towards more environmentally-friendly sustainable ways! And  it will not be easy or profitable to do that, but the point is that it MUST to be done in order for Earth to continue house the human race, or any race for that matter. We need research that is in-your-face and that is radical for us to be able to deal with all the current world problems in fast enough pace. This research will not bring any financial profit and thus won't/can't be funded by private and profit-driven companies. It is the government's job to take care of the areas that are favourable for the public, but are not guided by the invisible hand. SO, do the job that you were elected to do Mr. Harper.

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